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Young Adult Indie 697
Urban Fantasy with a Fresh Twist
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The story:

Best friends Chloe and Miranda, eager to start their college careers, move into an old, off-campus Victorian house that, strangely, has no other tenants. Soon after, Chloe starts having visions through the house’s picture window. This sets off a chain of events that will see the pair team up with several more unique individuals to battle a force of growing darkness.

What I loved:

Though the concept of “empowered” teens is hardly new, this story felt fresh to me. I liked how the first half of the story dealt with setting up the world as well as Chloe’s place in it, including her reconnecting with her childhood friend Ethan. Then, we abruptly change perspectives, to that of Wren, a transplant from San Diego who moves to this small town only to be throw headlong into this supernatural drama. All the main characters are written quite differently, which is necessary when gearing up for a long series. The writing was good, and the story was easy to follow, for the most part.

What I didn’t love:

There is a “villain” in this story, but it wasn’t until well into the second half of the book that we are introduced to it. For this reason, the last 25% of the story felt rushed, with a lot of events crammed into a very short space. This felt like a slight letdown for me after a wonderful beginning.

My Final Verdict:

If you like urban fantasy and stories of gifted teens banding together to fight the forces of evil, then Super Humans may be worth adding to your TBR list. The perspectives are fresh, the characters are believable, and there is a lot of potential for greatness in books to come.
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