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Great Continuation of the Clay Lion Series
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In this continuation of the ‘Clay Lion’ series, Brooke’s boyfriend Charlie takes his own journey into his past and in the process discovers who he really is.

I really enjoyed, ‘The Clay Lion’, and literally went right into ‘Tin Men’ as soon as I had finished the first one. I had to know how Brooke’s story continued.

Charlie was my favorite character from ‘The Clay Lion’ (and he is totally swoon-worthy), so I loved that this book took on his story. Jahn had me totally forgetting that government-sanctioned time-travel isn’t really a thing (yet). I had to keep reminding myself that this is really a science fiction story and not just a romantic contemporary.

I found I was more sympathetic to Charlie’s character in this story then I was to Brooke’s in the first book. Charlie’s intent throughout the story was to follow the rules and keep his head down and learn about his past. This made his story very compelling.

Charlie’s story helped me to really understand that any kind of time-travel would inherently have time continuum difficulties. Some of the situations such as the old self catching up with the current self in the timeline and what the person will remember from each timeline was absolutely mindboggling. I had to really think about what is happening in each timeline to understand. Also, highlighted in the story is the legal and moral complexities of that time-travel and what that could mean to everyone around the time traveler.

I am a huge fan of time-travel books and this series has quickly become one of my favorites. After finishing ‘Tin Men’ I jumped right into the next one in the series, ‘The Straw Man’. I am really becoming a fan of Amalie Jahn and totally understand how she had developed such a huge following.

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Great story
Mind binding time travel.
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