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Young Adult Indie 671
Gritty YA Fantasy Involving the Fae
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Diamond is a half-fae and is considered an abomination. When her home is attacked and her father is killed, she meets tall, broad, and brooding Hugo. He's one of the Queen's guards which means he pretty much belongs to her. However, Diamond and Hugo can't rid themselves of the invisible thread that seems to connect them together.

When Diamond suddenly gets a vision, she's scared to tell anyone, but knows that the human prince Jack is in trouble. She convinces her uncle, Hugo, and the other guards she's traveling with that they have to go south to help him. To their surprise, they discover a dragon attacking Prince Jack. Diamond acts on instinct, calling forth a magic she doesn't even know she possesses and creates a shield that keeps everyone safe.

Someone containing magic is usually sentenced to death by the Queen. Diamond becomes fearful of her fate, but finds her path leading her toward Valencia anyway. As they travel, the bond between Hugo and Diamond only grows. While Diamond doesn't understand it, Hugo realizes it's because of their magic. Their bond is rare but can also lead to their demise if the Queen learns about it. But Diamond will soon see how far the Queen's grasp can reach and how strong she is.

A BOND OF VENOM AND MAGIC isn't anything pretty. It's gritty and violent, which is different from your typical young adult fantasy. The dark elements within it kept me intrigued as I read. As much as I understand the reason Hugo is so cold and hot, I still wish he was a little warmer. Hopefully, that'll come in the second one which I'm looking forward to reading. The first installment left a lot of questions that I can't wait to learn the answers too.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of action, magic, the fae, paranormal romance, war, stories about survival, and forbidden romance.
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