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When Kali's brother Mason is taken by the demons, she has no choice but to turn into the very monster she hates in order to find him. As she's about to take blood from a sacrifice to fully turn into a vampire, the group is attacked. Kali tries to get away, but is caught and pinned to the ground by blue eyed Kade. Next, she notices a face she never thought she'd see again: her brother Finn.

Finn had been missing for years and Kali assumed the worst. Now that she's reunited and learns of his vampire hunting ways, she can't help but be angry at him for leaving their family. Now, she has learned a better way to find Mason and won't leave until they give her a chance. The only problem is Max. He's scarred and has it out for Kali for what she's done.

Kali is reckless, stubborn, will do anything for her family, and confrontational and I love everything about her. I love both Kade and Max but for different reasons. Finn is understandably overbearing because he fears for the well-being of his sister. He doesn't want her to be a part of the vampire hunter life, but doesn't want to lose her all over again either.

SHADOW REALMS is a fast-paced, unique vampire story that I couldn't put down. I devoured it in one sitting and couldn't wait to start the second. Kelly Carrero does a great job at getting you invested in the characters and keeps you curious about all of the secrets.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of vampires, vampire hunters, demons, and paranormal romance. It's a book that will make you immediately want to start the second and it'll stay with you even after you've finished.
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