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Time Travel with a Twist
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Brooke’s brother has died a rather sudden death. In Brooke’s world, she can go back in time only once. Will she be able to save her brother? Will she be punished for breaking the rules of time travel?

I am a huge fan of time travel. I’ve been hearing about ‘The Clay Lion’ for some time now and I finally got a chance to read it.

The story takes place in what seems to be a mirror image of our universe but one where time travel takes place. The characters can’t travel back and experience historical events. They can only travel back in their own lifetime. They only have six months before they need to travel back to the present day. This means that they are only reexperiencing events in their own lives.

Jahn really kept the story moving. I literally had a hard time stopping myself from reading the next page, then the next chapter. I just had to find out what happens with Brooke’s travels next.

I love when there are paradoxes that blow my mind (think the origin of the watch in ‘Somewhere in Time’). So I was super excited when I found them in ‘The Clay Lion.’

There were a few tiny things that took a little getting used to for me. One is the information that is dumped at the beginning of the book. I feel like this happens a lot in time travel books as there is a need for the rules to be laid out so this is somewhat inevitable. I also kept wondering why the people in the past timelines (since they knew about time travel) didn’t suspect Brooke was from the future. If I knew that time travel was possible and someone was acting strange, I would totally be suspicious that they were time traveling. However, I guess that they knew that one of the rules is that Brooke wouldn’t be able to admit she was from the future.

I loved this story and jumped right into the rest of the series as soon as I was finished with this one. Spoiler alert I loved the rest of the series just as much.
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Such a deep and passionate time travel story.
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