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Whew! Her latest heart-thumping adventure left me winded.
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"I crack my knuckles and shake out my fingers. To quote The Grey, 'Once more into the fray.'"

Sidonie Rubin . . . ahem . . . Sid, is at it again! This time, she's plunging into another game. One not of the live action variety, but one that still affects actual lives.

"I know, deep down, even if I suck, even if I hate this game, I want to be part of the action"

Following the mysterious loss of Vikram's entire inventory on a game known as CONTAGION, Sid is determined to avenge her friend's cyber violation. But as her decision goes viral among her friends, she quickly learns that this is more than a hacking job. A mystery wrapped in life and death becomes the new stakes.

"But I ask you, is anything ever really easy-peasy?"

For Sid Rubin, no. Nothing is ever easy and it will take all her brains, geekism, and silvered-rambling tongue to achieve what feels like an endless conveyor belt of drama. Among friends. Among love interests. Among like-minded gamers who are determined to solve the giant question mark behind one random clue: a Chineese mah-jongg tile.

I absolutely LOVE the "Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure" series and ZERO SUM GAME delivers. Not only do I adore Sid's geeky brain and ramblings exceedingly, I completely appreciate how LGBTG+ and racial diversity themes are presented with authentic #ownvoice eloquence and seamlessly so. There is no glaring spotlight on ideas and conversations. Rather, they are beautifully blended into the storyline in a way that pops and shines all its own. Brilliant!

I can't wait for book 3! But, I'm sure Sid needs a rest. Goodness. Her latest heart-thumping adventure left me winded.

"It's official. My brain has oxidized. My rust is showing."

Nah, Sid. You're one intelligent lady. Recharge, though. I have a feeling your next adventure is going to leave me equally as breathless.
Good Points
* Geeky, rambling YA inner-narrative
* #OwnVoice LGBTQ+
* Treating the reader intelligently
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