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I've never quite read a book like this before.
The story: Iona was never meant to live a life of almost solitude at the South Pole with only her mother and a few others for company. She craves adventure and love. To defy her mother, she acquires a companion droid who turns out to be much more life like than she'd ever imagined. Den attaches himself to her, protecting her, entertaining her, and going along with her crazy schemes to travel far distances and face dangers in order to find out everything that's been hidden from her her entire life.

What I liked:
This book immediately had me at "girl falls in love with droid" because I've never read anything quite like it. The writing is fast paced and engaging. The characters are likable for the most part. And the connection between Ionia and Den is felt through the pages.

What was just okay:
Sometimes Ionia's impulsiveness and desire to rebel made her seem a bit young, but it was tempered by Den's unwavering loyalty. You root for her because you root for them together. Some of the twists can be seen a mile away but it didn't keep me from enjoying every bit of the story.

Final verdict:
A unique story of adventure and love, set in a thrilling world. It's not a story that's easy to put down.
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