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Supernatural Secrets!
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Evie's past is a black void and because of that, she's uncertain who she really is and where she belongs. To make things worse, she keeps having "dreams" that are like looking through the eyes of someone else. Except, she knows the someone else is named Liam and that what she sees through him feels so real.

After Evie's dad gets a huge promotion, they move to Seaton Falls. Being the new girl isn't fun, especially when everyone already has broken off into their own groups. Thankfully, her neighbor Nick saves her from walking in the rain and initiates a conversation. He becomes her first friend, but there's more to him than meets the eye.

Enter Liam. Evie and he share a connection that neither of them can deny. He's also the only connection to her past and her hope of discovering who she really is. With him in the picture, a love triangle is formed. I couldn't tell you who I'd choose between Liam and Nick. Nick is sweet, Liam is fierce, and both are very attractive in their own ways.

THE GENESIS OF EVANGELINE is a fantasy novel full of shifters and other supernatural beings. It's told through alternating point of views of Evie and Nick. The pace of the story held my interest and the character development was spot on.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of supernatural creatures, fantasy, paranormal, romance, and finding who you are.
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