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Vampires and Angels!!!
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With vampires and angels raging war on Earth, the humans are forced to live in hiding and live off the scraps of what once was. Liv has resided with her best friend Asher and her dog Duke in hiding, moving from place to place. But when Asher is taken by the angels, Liv knows she's the only one who can save him.

Enter Declan. When he saves Liv from vampires, she realizes that the two of them are heading in the same direction: south, but not to the same destination. Declan has a motorcycle and promises to get Liv as close to D.C. as he can, but he has a secret that I will not speak of because it's EPIC. Despite his secret, he and Liv grow closer and closer and he realizes he won't let her walk into danger alone.

WINGS & DESTRUCTION gave me a "Walking Dead" type of feeling, with vampires and angels instead zombies, which is amazing. It's a great post-apocalyptic read that I couldn't put down. I love how tough Liv is and how she won't let anything stand in her way. As for Declan, I'm in love. He is protective of Liv and I love watching the relationship blossom between them.

Final Verdict: This is perfect for fans of vampires, angels, post-apocalyptic, action, and a twist of romance. G.K. DeRosa does it again with another amazing world for me to dive into!
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