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A magical, edge of your seat story
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The story:
In a world that knows magic exists there are only some people who have the power to wield it. At sixteen those who have magic are either chosen or dampened. Those who are chosen are sent to help protect those with and without magic, while those who are dampened have some of their magic taken away so they are no longer powerful. For those who are selected for dampening there is one more option. To declare. But declaring means entering the mysterious Mage’s Exam where they will either be declared a Champion or lose their magic all together. Ruthless Magic follows Rocio, Finn and the others who must survive this exam or lose their magic forever.

What I loved:
I enjoyed so much about this book. The way it made me feel almost as though I was back in the world of Harry Potter but with a twist that brought in elements of the Hunger games as well. The story pace never failed, making it hard to put it down, and I found myself rooting for many of the characters. I also enjoyed the way the relationships between each of the characters developed throughout the story.

What was just okay:
There were times when I felt as though I’d read parts of the story before, but it didn’t stop me enjoying every moment of it.

Final Verdict:
I truly enjoyed this story and think anyone who loved the magic of Harry Potter and the intensity of Hunger Games will love it too.
Good Points
Well-developed characters
Interesting plot
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