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LEGACY OF LIGHT picks right up where the first one left off. They're all mourning Davi's death and are still reeling from it, but they have a mission to complete. Their quest will bring magic back into the world and save their kingdom from famish and death. Trystan blames himself for everything that's happened because of the prophesy, but there's so much more at play than he could ever imagine.

When word reaches Trystan and Rissa about their father's death, they quickly realize that Trystan is now king, but his uncle has stolen his throne. As painful as the news is, they can't let it distract them. First, they must restore the Tri-Gard. But going to the enemies territory isn't easy, especially when it holds a surprise. Because as the reader, we know Davi is still alive and his mind is being twisted by the King.

The first installment was amazing, but LEGACY OF LIGHT is even better. There's so much more raw emotion and betrayal that it kept me on the edge of my seat. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop and devoured it in one day. I love the POVs that feature Davi and I also love the romance between Alixia and Trystan. I felt for Rissa and it was nice to see the fiery side in her burn brighter when faced with challenges.

Final Verdict: This book is perfect for fans of magic, fantasy, Game of Thrones, and royalty. Thank you for an ARC!
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