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In SHADOW WINGS, it picks up right where BLOOD OATH left off. We continue to see Ryn trying to come into her skin and get used to her Drae and Paethyn heritage. She also struggles with getting her feet back on the ground after everything that's happened and to come to terms with the pain she's been through from loss and torture. It doesn't make things easier that the Emperor of Draecon is hunting her.

With the impending war, Ryn needs allies and they start to gather those they can. Tyrrick stays by her side and wants to help her where he can. He even opens up and Ryn learns a little more about him. Ryn is stubborn and isn't the easiest to get along with when she's throwing out snarky comments, but Tyirrick doesn't back down. I love these two characters in this one and I can't say that enough!

I thought the first one was good, but this one was even better! There's so much humor and character development in this one. We learn so much more in this one (don't want to give away amazing spoilers) and we even get to see the growth of the relationship between Ryn and Tyrrick. I hope there will be a lot more of them together in the third one! I love both of these characters and can't wait for the third!

Final Verdict: This is an incredible, in depth, humorous series that I didn't want to end. I would recommend it to fans of dragons and fantasy. I can't wait for the next one!
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April 12, 2018
I totally agreed. I thought this was was better than the first also!!
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