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Young Adult Indie 1332
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What I Liked:

This book is told from Alena’s POV, who is a half vampire, half witch, and her kind is illegal because they are too powerful. I really like the mystery surrounding her father, what her mother was searching for, and her situation with her friend Hunter. There was no much that Alena didn’t know about herself or what her family was doing. This book will keep you guessing and the plot will keep you interested. The characters were great, especially Hunter. I really liked watching Alena’s relationships grow throughout the book, and also how she grew as she learned more about herself and what she could do.

What I Didn’t Like:

There were several potential love interests, I couldn’t help but feel bad for them when it was clear she wasn’t going to pick them. All of the characters were so great, it was so hard to dislike any of them.

The Final Verdict:

This was a great start to the series and it set the next books up to be even better as all of the mystery starts to unravel and they set out to solve some of the problems that we learned about in this installment.
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April 13, 2018
Thank you for taking time to review my book! I really appreciate it!
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