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(Updated: March 24, 2018)
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‘The Scent of Rain’, centers mainly around Rose. Rose is a teenager living in a fundamentalist Mormon community. The main storyline centers on Rose’s terrifying life. The story is told through multiple points of view. The POV’s are those of Rose, Adan ,the FLDS ‘prophet’, Trak, Chase, and Brooke (Adan Trak, Chase, and Brooke are neighbors and not part of the FDLS community). One of my favorite topics to read about is subcultures that are embedded within our own communities. ‘The Scent of Rain’ takes on the huge task of bringing to light the FLDS community. Absolutely nothing prepared me for the inner workings of the FLDS. FLDS members never leave their small community. The women must dress, and style their hair a certain way. Young girls are forced into plural marriages with older men. Most importantly everyone must follow whatever the ‘prophet’ dictates. The ‘prophet’, in Montgomery’s story, is a mentally ill man who dictates his every whim to the community. He lives a lavish lifestyle (with over 70 wives) while the rest of his community scrape together a meager existence. The characters in ‘The Scent of Rain’ added to an already amazing storyline. The various points of […]
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