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Teeth of the Gods is a wild mixture of genres for those who are looking for something unique.
Tylira has lived in isolation for 18 years and she’s tired of it. She’s a spoiled, sheltered princess who is done with being pampered. She wants freedom from the rules and what her society expects from a princess. She is impulsive and selfish as a princess is likely to be, so this reader appreciated that she felt like a real character.

Defying everyone, Tylira volunteers to find the Teeth of the Gods, an artifact that will win the favor of the ruler which send her on a perilous adventure across the land. The protagonist’s circumstances are familiar, but there are several twists which take place in a distinctive setting. The story moves at a fast pace that is quite engaging and keeps you turning the page. The Arab/Hindu setting is a nice addition to the story, and it was done extremely well. The author delivered its rich details without overwhelming the reader.

The biggest twist comes at the end, so be prepared to be truly surprised. The change in pace could possibly be jarring to some readers, but I enjoyed the unique take and the author’s imagination. Anyone who enjoys wild turns that don’t necessarily adhere to genre expectations should give Wilson’s book a try. They won’t be disappointed.
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