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Premonition (The Division Series, #1) by Leigh Walker

The Story:
With a drunk for a mother, Riley can’t wait to begin her summer work-study program at the local college. She shouldn’t be concerned that three people who know each other are part of her team or that they’ll be working off-campus at a mysterious location together, right?

The World:
Set in a present-day Earth where a secret supernatural division exists. These supernaturals have a variety of powers and must train together as a team in readiness to fight forces threatening national security.

The Characters:
Riley immediately gains our empathy with a glimpse at her tough family life. We feel her yearning for an escape to normalcy, and then her wariness as various revelations are made. Riley is a great balance of intelligence, emotion, and grit.
The rest of the team members we meet throughout each possess a unique personality.

The Readability:
The love interest, witty dialogue, and training scenes easily hold the reader’s attention. The world building is interesting and fresh. There is the feeling of being guided along until the right moment for the major reveal to drop, with the secondary characters refusing to answer questions throughout. Particularly enjoyable are the extra layers we glimpse in the mother’s character and past. The changing bonds between team members hook us until the last word.

Final Verdict:
An exciting and fun supernatural dystopian read for young adults aged thirteen years and up.

Favorite Quote:
“After our walk, Emma headed to the dormitory. I headed to the kitchen, because. . .cake.”

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