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Blood Magic (Abnormals Underground, #1)

The Story:
In a world where paranormal species are outcasts, Alyssa is bitten by a vampire and transforms. Now the authorities have her father, an underground organization wants her to join, and an apprentice mage wants to be her fighting partner.

The Characters:
Alyssa is a teenage vampire who has attempted to stay out of the spotlight since a young age. She makes great decisions, which you would expect after a lifetime hiding a dark secret. This character knows how to protect herself and has a strong moral compass.
Xavier, an apprentice mage, has a story to rival Alyssa’s. The layers of his sad past are entrenched in the plot, and he has a strong presence throughout.

The World:
Set in a present-day Earth where demons are corrupting the world and all paranormal species are hunted. The world building is simple and visual, and the reader gets a clear insight into the different types of paranormals and their powers.

The Readability:
Easy to read and visual style perfect for a young adult reader.

Final Verdict:
Highly enjoyable read for 13 years and over.

Favorite Quote:
“He was so mysterious and dangerous, so free. I didn’t feel like I could have the bravery to be like that.”

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