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The truth doesn’t always set you free.

The story:

In a post-apocalyptic world where only the Eastern coast of Canada can still support human life, eighteen-year-old Joanna has completed her education and must now move on to the next stage of her life (known as “Phase 3”), to train for the job she will have for the rest of her life. However, she is pulled aside by a mentor and told that the world is not what it seems. It’s not long before Jo finds out this is exactly the case.

What I loved:

The fast pace of the story, which barely topped 100 pages. In stories like this, where the setting is a dystopian society run by a powerful government agency (in this case, the NTA), the “all is not as it seems” theme is common. However, this book was not predictable, as the author let the mystery unfold around the main character, Jo. From the “O” tattooed on her arm (which she’s been led to believe stands for “orphan”) to the whispered warning that sets Jo’s curiosity ablaze, it felt as if the world was revealed to us just as it was revealed to her. Nothing was telegraphed in advance, and the short length made it a quick, easy read.

What I didn’t love:

Because the story took place over several days, and because the pace was so fast, there wasn’t much time for character development or backstories. However, this is a minor qualm. That being said, I hope that we learn more about Jo in the next book, not to mention her friends Cash and Knox.

My Final Verdict:

This Body Won’t Break – which I now understand is the first part of a three (possibly more) book series entitled The O-Negative Series, is a very good dystopian read that fans of the genre will breeze through, and it’s very likely they’ll want to pick up the second book straightaway. (Book Two, with the same title, is already out, and Book Three is slated to be released in early November 2017). You could possibly burn through this entire series in a day or two!
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