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Magic Bound: The Hybrid Trilogy by G.K. DeRosa

The Story: Forced to take care of herself from a young age, when Aria receives a letter saying she’s been accepted into Oak Bluff College with all tuition and housing paid for, she instinctively distrusts it. Unbeknown to her, taking the offer will require Aria to step into the supernatural world. It may even solve the mysteries about who she is and why she was abandoned - while unleashing more trouble and danger.

The Characters: Aria is an distrusting, New York City hardened young woman who is constantly scraping the barrel. The thick skin she’s developed from her sad childhood is equalled by sharp survival smarts. One of the best things about this character is her intelligence in dangerous situations. She doesn’t get in cars with people she’s not sure of, she doesn’t needlessly put herself in harms way - this book is refreshing for many reasons, but for this reason in particular.

Ricky is Aria’s gay best friend. His snappy dialogue keeps the reader entertained throughout, and it is nice to see good depth to this character later on in the book. Often the best friend gets left behind when the main character jumps off into a secret world, and this is not the case in Magic Bound. Ricky is featured often throughout the story and is an integral part of the ending.

The World: G.K. DeRosa fans, you are in for a treat. This series is a spin-off series from her original Wilder series. We meet fairies, witches, vampires, werewolves, and some brand new supernatural originals from this author. The world is explained clearly, believably, and with a confidence that tells us the author has done this before. Set in the current day, teens will find it easy to relate to the main characters with the modern references and attention-grabbing dialogue.

The Readability: Having read this author’s first published work a while back and knowing we would see awesome things in the future from her, I am happy to say G.K. DeRosa has hit all of the nails on the head in this novel. Magic Bound is unpredictable, well thought out, emotionally engaging, and has the best love triangle I have seen in a long, long time. Lovers of urban fantasy will appreciate this read for giving them all their favorite ingredients in a completely new way!

Final Verdict: Just get it.

Favorite Quote: “I was silent for the remainder of the car ride, not really knowing what a person who had been hypnotized by a possible vampire was supposed to act like.”
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