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In FALLEN TO GRACE, Azreal is a hybrid, an abomination, but she dreams of becoming so much more. Those dreams didn't involve becoming queen though. When she is the next chosen, she must go through the Acceptance to become the next queen and her body must accept the change.

The Acceptance is extremely painful, but Azreal has the support of the angel Gabriel and her best friend Marietta. However, she didn't realize demons would be coming after her in her time of weakness, before she can become her true self.

Betrayal leads to a devastating end, but Azreal gets her wings whether it was worth the price or not. Now only she can lead the angels and hybrids into a better future and protect them from the demons.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of angel stories, but this one is slightly different since it focuses on her becoming queen more than a romance.
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