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"A.J. Flowers gives a version of angels and demons that I haven't seen before" -

"A fresh take on angels and demons" -

"Fallen to Grace left me wanting more... It was well written and believable." -

Top Amazon Review by Verified Customer "Mel M":
First, high praise to the cover designer. It's beautifully designed and drew my attention right away. It was a hint to the quality of writing and story within this exciting YA novel.

The main character, Azrael is a wingless angel with a conscience. Things start to get interesting when she makes a deal with a demon. "Perhaps to bring good into the world, she needed to mix a little evil in it first." Soon after, she is offered the option to become queen of the Wingborn, but she must pass the Acceptance first. If she doesn't pass, she will die a slow, agonizing death. Having made a deal with a demon to get so far, she agrees to move forward.

From then on, her magical powers begin to take form, and the story is completely gripping. There are many novels that deal with the paranormal, but I found this author created a unique world, with an imaginative and fresh take on angels, demons and how they conduct themselves. I was completely enthralled throughout. It's quick read that stays on plot without any extra "fluff" which keeps the pace perfect and exciting.

I would recommend this book to mature young adults and older. Just as a note, this is Part 1 of the story, and there is more to come. I look forward to the next volume!
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