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(Updated: April 26, 2017)
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I was never a fan of superheroes growing up, but Kelly Oram creates someone that any reader could relate to. This was a read that I couldn't put down and it triggered all kinds of emotions as the story progressed.

An accident in her previous town changes Jamie Baker's life forever when she's given super powers. After moving across country, Jamie becomes the ice queen in order to protect herself, her family, and her secret. She's afraid that if her secret becomes public knowledge, then she'll be shipped off to a lab to be studied and experimented on.

Jamie succeeds in freezing her heart and fools everyone into thinking she's a mean person. Everyone in school avoids her, but when Mike bets Ryan to kiss her, the character Jamie has tried to create starts to crumble. One kiss from Ryan Miller, the star quarterback, and his persistent need to get to know her makes Jamie want to become her old self again. He sees that there's a kind and real person under all that frost. But how can she let herself get close to him when she's an electric storm waiting to happen? What happens when the true story of what happened the night of the accident comes to light? A full story that not even her parents know.

Final Verdict: This book had me laughing, crying, and holding on to every word. I would recommend it to any fans of Young Adult Romance with a twist of Fantasy. Fans of superheroes would enjoy this read as well. Even though Jamie has superpowers and I don't, she was still someone I could relate to.
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