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A quiet, unassuming YA Sci-Fi that will sneak up on you like an emotional hurricane
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The Clay Lion takes place in a world very similar to ours where time travel is possible and the protagonist, Brooke Wallace, is faced with the question: what if you could go back in time to save the person you love the most? Those who love a good sci-fi or time travel story may pick up this book expecting a high-tech world or a twisted tale of time loops and wormholes. But this story is nothing like that, and time travel is but a device that helps explore the deeper question which is the theme that drives the story, an exploration that is done openly and candidly.

Brooke is a troubled girl, reeling from the loss of her beloved brother. She hasn’t come to terms with his passing, and she doesn’t plan to. She’s determined to do what it takes to change the horrible injustice of her young brother’s death, and using her one-time allowed trip into the past seems like the perfect solution. But going back in time is trickier than she expected as seemingly inconsequential actions ripple through the years to cause untold changes in her present. Brooke’s journey is not easy, but she tries to make the best of it, even as obstacles rise to challenge her tenacity.

The characters are well-developed and feel real. Their situations are relatable as well as their reactions. The story will challenge the reader to consider the effects their own actions have on the lives of those around them, and along with Brooke, they will discover that love, compassion and hope are indispensable to keep us going and accept the twists of destiny without despairing.

Jahn delivers her story in a way that isn’t preachy, addressing the difficult topic of loss in a way teens will find completely relatable. The Clay Lion is a wonderful read that I highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind shedding a few tears, then feeling uplifted by a message of hope and endurance. Once of my favorite Indie reads to date.
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