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Total package girl was exactly what my fourteen-year-old self needed (way back when). Written for pre-teens and teens, this book teaches some very important lessons that every girl needs to learn about knowing and understanding her unique self. This book focuses on helping young girls realize how amazing they are now, and that they don’t need to change themselves to fit some arbitrary mold of what society says they should be. Bravo! We need more books like this.

The branding throughout the book felt much too heavy-handed. But the message is such a positive one, I ultimately overlooked that minor issue.

The cover design and interior layout is adorable and perfect for the target audience. And I particularly enjoyed the hashtags and special vocabulary lessons geared toward empowerment. This book does an exceptional job of showing readers they can be the very best version of themselves—if they are willing to take the long road to self-discovery and acceptance, emphasizing that the Total Package Girl lifestyle is not an easy, quick fix to all of their problems.

Any young girl struggling to find her place in this social media driven world needs to read this book. Any girl who has ever struggled with the “mean girl” needs to read this book. Any girl who IS a “mean girl,” needs to read this book.

If you’re looking to give the gift of empowerment this holiday season, Total Package Girl is just what you’re looking for.
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