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A Solid Guide for Girls
(Updated: November 11, 2016)
This book is designed specifically to speak to pre-teen and teenage girls growing up in an era of screens and social media. However, though this book is for girls, the people who will most likely buy this book are adults (parents, educators, and youth leaders). Total Package Girl delves into how to navigate the trials and tribulations of the teen years, including challenges such as how to tell who is a real friend (a TruBlu) and who is not, and how to build confidence in one's self. If even includes a short section on interacting with parents, which is honest and encouraging. The overall message is empowering and one that teenage girls can learn from.
Good Points
"So great to know that if I have a situation that I need help with, I have this book to help me."

"I was able to relate to it."

Great book for pre-teens and teens that is geared toward helping girls better maneuver through the trials and tribulations of the years that are the teen years.

Offers tools to help girls discover who they are, what makes them unique and why it's so important to just be you (#jbu).
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