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Seneca Rebel by Rayya Deeb is one of those rare books where all the elements come together to form a work of near perfection. It is a futuristic sci-fi look at what the United States of America could ultimately become. Certainly, this story will be compared to other series that have been successful in this genre recently, such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner; yet, not only can Seneca Rebel hold its own in comparison, it also has so much original material to offer.

Unlike the others, an apocalyptic event has not caused society to break down and build back up in a convoluted way. Sure, the state of the environment, economy, education, and transportation are not ideal, but the America in Seneca Rebel is not unfamiliar. What instead is remarkable is the existence of an underground society, Seneca, located on the east coast outside of Washington D.C., where exceptionally gifted individuals in all fields are invited to come and improve the future.

The author does a great job at world building here. I genuinely feel as though I can picture all of Seneca, exactly the way she describes it. This makes the book much more thrilling and exciting since I can create a visual reference in my mind. Also, the characters are wonderfully complex and seem to function in a believable way in this world. For instance, Doro is a brilliant mathematician and tech expert. However, she can also be sullen, delinquent, and challenging, qualities that both hurt and help her in the long run. Reba, Doro’s friend, is an upbeat, positive, and incredibly lovable character, but he has old scars from being bullied and abandoned, which in turn makes him fiercely loyal. Blue Combat Boots, or Dom, is introduced in such a fun and wonderful way, but he too is presented as complicated from the onset. As a result, it is easy to want to know more and more about these people.

The only criticism I have for this particular book is that sometimes the end of the chapters feel a little clipped, as if they finish too abruptly. A few more sentences regarding what is happening in that moment would have just rounded it out better, allowing the meaning to truly land on the audience. The way it is written now, I am already onto the next plot point before I can care about what has just transpired. However, with that being said, this particular style keeps the book moving at a fast pace and in essence, mimics what Doro is facing, never having the chance to grasp what is going on before something new is thrown her way.

Overall, Seneca Rebel is an incredibly addicting story that is nearly impossible to put down. It will have readers gasping in shock, shouting in frustration, and swooning over the romantic bits. This book is certainly a must read that will delight and surprise those who are familiar with the sci-fi genre and even those who are not.
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