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Holy Hot Romance!
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The first chapter of this book I thought I had mistakenly picked up a paranormal. The way people were acting about the band had me wondering. I kept reading though and I'm so glad I did!

What I loved:

Riley. Riley is an accountant. Boring, right? She is so fierce, yet clumsy and adorable. I loved how she was a bit awkward. While I can't say I've lived anything close to Riley's life, it was sure fun reading about hers! From the get go I was hooked. Even when bad boy rocker, Jax, teased her and treated her like a one night stand, she didn't let him. She fought back and was fiesty and held her ground. I loved it!

Jax. Okay, there is something about a bad boy. And honestly at first I didn't care for Jax too much. He just seemed to use women to get what he wanted. However, the more I read about him, the more I realized that's just how he copes with life, and there is definitely more to Jax than one night stands. I really liked how he began to open up to Riley throughout the book and the more I learned about him, th more I liked.

I loved how this book was complex. It's not your typical boy meets girl and they fall in love. There's more to Riley and Jax's relationship than that. I loved the sweet parts of Jax.

What left me wanting more:

The ending. Holy cliffhanger...I need book 2 NOW!!!
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