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Easy follows Jaqueline, the main character, who has just been surprisingly out of nowhere been dropped by her serious boyfriend after coming to college. Following the unexpected end to her relationship, her boyfriend's pledge brother and friend attempts to rape her, but she's saved by Lucas.

Jacqueline and Lucas hit it off easy. Almost too easy. Jacqueline feels the normal guilt that follows (an attempted) rape. She feels ashamed, and like it was her fault. But, two weeks after, she's starting to get serious with Lucas.


Her relationship (with or without the attempted rape, and her recent breakup) moved really fast. One minute she barely knows him, and the next, they're sucking face.

Lucas was just a stereotype in the making. He's considered a "bad boy," but aside from a sad story, tattoos, and piercings, he doesn't really have the bad boy vibe. And to make him more of a stereotype, he's obsessed with Jacqueline almost immediately, even though girls throw themselves at him. And he's never had a "serious" relationship before. And of course, he's an artist (who practically stalks Jacqueline).

The plot moves fast, and you'll find yourself dropping the things you're working on just to read and find out what happens next. One plot twist happens, and then almost immediately after, another.

Throughout the whole book, it's emphasized that it's not a woman's fault if she gets raped, which is important. Jacqueline would feel guilty, and someone would tell her it wasn't her fault. And women should never have to feel like it was their fault if they had a drink, or wore a skirt.

Overall, I wasn't sure how to rate this book. Was it my favorite? No. Easy had a few flaws, but the pace was right, so if you read the plot and you like it, then read it. But, I won't go out of my way to recommend this to anyone.
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