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I copied and pasted two reviews from amazon customer reviews. I will add one more here in the comment section. Feel silly rating myself.

I found "Mything You" an entertaining read, and loved the hero and heroine (and mythology). Theseus reminded me of Jake Gyllenhal in Prince of Persia and Brad Pitt in Troy. Ari is all softness--she's not Katniss from the Hunger Games--but she's more relatable to me because she's like a heroine in an old Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts' romantic comedy. This story is action packed, while Theseus' humanity is touching. Lots of surprises in store for the reader. I look forward to reading the sequel.
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I've never really read anything that included mythology. But I loved how Greta included so many different myths and legends surrounding her characters. It was a fun read. There were several moments when I was like "Oh, no, what's next for these two?" LOL. I feel like she threw everything at them. Well, maybe not the kitchen sink but I am sure we would've gotten to that.

Greta does a good character arc, and the reader is able to see the characters develop and change with the story. I really enjoyed watching Ari come into herself and learn more about what she could do. She had elements of the Amazons, but also some of the more domestic females in the world. Perhaps Greta will spin another tale featuring these two and more happenings with the Amazons. It would definitely be worth checking out.

I recommend this book to those that enjoy mythology based books, and lovers of romance. It's a quick read and enjoyable.
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