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I usually don't read many contemporaries. After reading Dante's Girl, though, I am seriously reconsidering my opinion on contemporaries in general. This is a perfect, fun, light-hearted and sweet read. The romance was very sweet and just great!

Every summer Reece (yes, it's a boy's name, but she's a girl) goes to London to stay with her dad. It's a summer mostly comprised of awkward dinners and silences. This summer is different though. On the plane, she meets a gorgeous charming guy called Dante Giliberti. As if this wasn't a big enough bang, a volcano erupts and a plane next to them crashes. But this provides the perfect summer getaway, as she is swept away by Dante, who turns out to be the son of the Prime Minister of a remote island called Caberra near Greece. This is the perfect place for a romance to begin, but it's not as simple as that, obviously.

I really liked Reece. At first she seemed a bit whiney and scared, but she didn't let things stand in her way, and if she realised she was being a baby, she would straighten up.

Dante is the perfect guy. Considerate and gorgeous at the same time. Sure, it was a bit annoying when he kept brushing off Reece's questions with just "It's complicated." But other than that, he was just perfect.

The "bad" guy (I won't reveal any names here) needed more depth. We only met him briefly, and we discovered that he has a big problem with Reece, but we didn't really get enough information to understand the reason he hated Reece, and why he would kill his friend just so his father could become Prime MInister.

This was a great contemporary romance with not a dull moment, and enough bumps in the romance to make sure it wasn't too unbelievable.
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