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Torn Review- Kindle Version
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I suggest reading the Kindle or Nook version of TORN as opposed to the earlier paperback version.
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Torn, a new book by Amber Lehman is a complex story that sheds light on the angst and joy that is common in the life of modern teens. A story that could have degenerated into a simple expose of modern teen morals, it is told with honesty and feeling. I was taken aback at first by the young age of the lead character until I realized that this is a modern teen's life. As modern society has evolved, we have made our children grow up faster than at any time in history, and then we decry their lack of innocence.

Ms Lehman, embraces what it means to be a young teen age woman in our modern society and," Tells it like it is". I found myself caring deeply about these characters and the many different lifestyles they embody. Their story is the story of the modern teen and the world as they live in it. I highly recommend this as a book that will shed light into what it means to be a young person in America today, and the choices we require them to make earlier in life than ever before.
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April 20, 2013
Sounds like a good book. Plus I like the cover.
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