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Please, Mel, May I have more?
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Let me begin this review by saying I can’t wait to read the rest of Mel L Kinder’s trilogy!

Description: In a parallel world where the sun casts darkness, and the moon casts daylight, a population of parasitic predators-wardlows-is on the rise threatening to corrupt the perfect world. Or are they? 18-year-old Gwen wakes to find she doesn’t recognize her own reflection. Questioning her sanity she sets out to find answers alongside the incredibly intriguing Rook Dresden.Gwen’s secret endangers the lives of those around her as she fills the shoes of Alexa Murdock in an epic struggle against all odds; evading the hunters, escaping the slippery clenches of death, and preventing activation of the prism cell. Inducing the Calm, book one in the Weeping for Raven trilogy is an emotional roller coaster with edge-of-your-seat action, and an escape to an extraordinary alternate reality.

Gwen Penn has awakened in an alternate universe. Everything is “somewhat” the same but, at the same time, just a bit off-kilter. Day is night, night is day and her “kind” is hunted down to keep society pure.

I was swept up into the story from page 1 and grabbed by the suspense and excitement. The romance that blossoms between Gwen and Rook is sweet and helps to hold the story together but, it’s really secondary to the tension created by the masterful telling of Gwen’s adventures of learning how to elude the invisible forces tracking her, adapting to her new surroundings and attempting to learn how to combat the “cleansing” of this strange new world.

The single fly in the ointment is the editing. The beautiful character development and plot building are somewhat diminished by the herky-jerky feel of the narrative, verb tense errors and awkward sentence construction. Despite these minor impediments, the story compelled me to continue reading as I became increasingly involved in cheering Gwen and Rook on to a successful conclusion.

Editing notwithstanding, I thoroughly enjoyed Weeping For Raven and have rated it 4 Stars. Now, I’m antsy for the next book in the trilogy!
Good Points
Compelling narrative, character development and plot.
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