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Scarlette by Davonna Juroe
(Updated: November 18, 2012)
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Scarlette is such a great retelling of the Grimm and Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood. It is a fun book to read especially during the time of winter. The story is set in France, and it starts out with a spooky and creepy (in a good way) scene with Scarlette and her grandmother in the woods. The summary basically says what you’re going to expect from the book, but between those are a bunch of twists, mysteries, and events you wouldn’t expect. The most unexpected of all is the ending. The idea of the ending might’ve crossed your mind, but you wouldn’t believe it would happen.

Like it says on the summary, Scarlette is 18 years old, though for me, she acts like someone who’s a 15 year old. She’s innocent, not really a kick-ass heroine, but how she is fits the story. I think it’s funny and ironic how she tells us that she does not trust the other characters in the book, but she ends up going with them 24/7. She often blames herself for the death of her loved ones and I feel sympathy for her because no matter how much she wants to prevent them from getting hurt, she couldn’t do anything about it. There is a sort of love triangle in this book, but it isn’t the main focus of the story which is good because it would throw off the whole idea of the book which is Scarlette looking for her grandmother. What I also liked about Davonna’s book is that Scarlette has an evil mother, but her evilness actually contributes something in the book. Her character wasn’t just thrown in there to make Scarlette’s life miserable.

Scarlette was beautifully written with lots of descriptions which I would like to give a 2 thumbs up to the author. But sometimes, the pacing of the story would go slow. Also, I feel like the ending was a sudden because there was a lot of stuff happening in the climax that all of a sudden the story ended. I like how there’s an epilogue though. I always love knowing what happens after the whole story. Since there’s that, the book is perfect either being a standalone or being a series. If it does become a series, wow, I’m excited to see what would happen next! Overall I recommend Scarlette to you guys especially those who are a big fan of re-tellings, werewolves, and paranormal stuff. (:
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