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A journey through the imagination of a very talented author.
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Wonderful characterisation for a fantasy novel.
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Gwen Penn is an 18 year old student who awakens in another girl’s body in what appears to be some kind of alternate version of her own world. There she meets Rook Dresden, with whom she begins to feel an immediate and irresistible attraction.
We follow Gwen as she struggles to make sense of her bizarre surroundings, all the while trying to conceal her bewilderment from Rook.
Everything in this world is familiar, but utterly different. Here darkness falls when the sun rises. Daylight comes from the moon. Inhabitants draw their energy from “sunshade”, rather than from the consumption of food.
And then there are the wardlows, the terrible pariahs of this world. And what is the strange, invisible force that seems to be stalking Gwen?
Mel Kinder is such a skilled writer that nowhere does this strange universe seem in any way implausible. The struggles of Gwen to understand and blend in with this alien environment are drawn with the same deft touch. However, it's in the growing relationship between Gwen and Rook that Mel really comes into her own. She has such a fine eye for the subtleties of human attraction that even an oldie like me was just swept along by it all. Not to mention taken back more years than I care to remember.
This is one of many passages that stood out for me:-
Rook seemed to have just the right amount of humor, chivalry, sweetness, and sarcasm. Like a mixed drink made just to her taste - intoxicating just the same.
This isn’t just a wonderful, feel-good book, this is a journey through the imagination of a very talented author.
I look forward to the next book in the series.
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