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Amazing Dark Retelling of Mother Goose Rhymes
(Updated: October 14, 2012)
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I'm a huge lover of anthologies. This year there's been some really great ones to add to my collection. I was really excited to hear Georgia McBride was putting together an anthology. If you don't know, Georgia is the founder of the fab YA site, YALITCHAT. She's encouraging and supportive to all writers. That to me is always a huge plus!

I especially loved this YA anthology which has a twist on Mother Goose Rhymes. This collection has short stories by a number of YA authors which include Nancy Holder, Heidi Kling, Suzanne Lazear, Gretchen McNeil, Suzanne Young, Michelle Zink, and Karen Mahoney.

Here's some teasers on what to expect in this anthology:

Gretchen McNeil's 'Tick Tock' shows us how sometimes a babysitting gig might not be worth it.

Heidi Kling's 'Life in a Shoe' is a disturbing twist of the Mother Goose rhyme, 'There Was An Old Woman'. Kling has a way of pulling deep within her characters to reveal hidden truths.

Suzanne Lazear's 'Candlelight' shows us how you should be careful on what you wish for.

Nancy Holder's tale 'The Lion and The Unicorn' brings us to a world where kings aren't what they seem and how a young disguised girl can be the salvation to her people. Holder once again sprinkles her magic on this paranormal tale.

I have to admit, Georgia McBride's tale 'Little Miss Muffet' brought a smile to my face. I love her twist on a girl who loves spiders. Plus she also breaks some usual YA stereotypes in this short short.

There's much more to love in this collection. Each short tale has the ability to sucker punch you with their own retellings of nursery rhymes that we grew up with as as children. Only these ones have a darkness that weave themselves around readers. You don't want to leave!

Original dark twists on classic Mother Goose tales, this collection of short stories is a must for those who love YA paranormals. I loved this anthology which is perfect for those like short stories by some fab YA authors. Plus this is the first in a series of annual charity anthologies from Month9books, in which the proceeds will be donated to YALITCHAT.ORG, a literary organization that fosters the advancement of YA literature. A perfect read for Halloween or anytime of the year!
Good Points
1. Great twist on Mother Goose Rhymes by YA authors
2. The first of a series of anthologies that will donate proceeds to charities
3. A new publisher to look out for
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