Exclusive Sneak Peek at Darkthaw by Kate A. Boorman + Giveaway (International)





by Kate A. Boorman

Release Date: October 13, 2015

Before we get to the exclusive excerpt, here’s a note from Kate:

Hi YABC! I’m thrilled to share with you an excerpt from my newest book, out in October. DARKTHAW, the sequel to WINTERKILL, continues the story of Emmeline, her new friends, and their changing world. There will be creepy stuff. There will be trees. There will be kissing. Maybe it’s a bit darker than the first book. Maybe it’s a bit less hopeful. Maybe I threw in a wise-cracking, sapient squirrel for comic relief. You won’t know until you win an ARC (or, okay– you can probably guess about that last one). I hope you win!
~ Kate A. Boorman (DARKTHAW, Abrams/Amulet)

About the Book

Council has fallen. The Thaw has arrived. The world outside Emmeline’s fortification awaits. Urged on by her dreams, Emmeline sets out with new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane, venturing into exhilarating wilderness, into freedom, into the unknown.

Into danger.

The secret that has secured Matisa’s people’s peace for generations has been compromised. Newcomers are arriving, laying claim to the land and bringing unimagined horrors. Emmeline vows to help Matisa warn her people, but with new perils at every turn and the enemy closing in, she finds herself faced with an impossible choice:

Forsake the friend who saved her life, or abandon the boy she loves.
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Are you ready to start reading?!

By Kate A Boorman
I head to the river to wash. The willows along the bank are coated with dew and the morning sun glimmers over the far bank, chasing the fog on the river away slow. As I look for a good spot, I notice the wide mouth of water drops and disappears from sight about fifty strides downriver. The banks are high, cutting away sharp. And the water just disappears.
A flicker of excitement lights in my belly. On a hunch, I double back to our camp and press south into the woods, cutting parallel to the river. Straight away the pitch gets steep. The ground here is soft; thin trees that haven’t kept their grip are lying in jumbled messes beneath the moss. I trip over them, grabbing at branches to steady my diagonal trek across the hill.
When I get to the bottom, I can hear the river again clear. It sounds like les trembles moving in a big wind, but louder. More urgent. I claw through the brush, pushing toward it. The air grows heavy, clinging to my skin and hair like a giant spiderweb.
I part the bramble and stumble out onto a rocky shore.
The river tumbles down the rock face above me, a great cascade of white water falling from the heavens, rushing to meet the churning water below. The clouds of mist drifting onto the shore settle on my face, coat my eyelashes like dew.
Been wanting to see a waterfall my whole life.
Saw a drawing in one of Soeur Manon’s storybooks, once. The river used to flow real fast at spring breakup, and I’d picture it careening over the side of a rocky ledge somewhere, picture myself falling with it. But this—this is so much more powerful than I figured. It’s pounding in my ears, in my chest.
I want to take my clothes off right now. Wade in, duck under that silky water, and listen to the pounding from beneath the surface. I shouldn’t. The river’s moving too fast. It would be dangerous. But mayhap just my feet . . .
I bend and unlace the moccasin on my bad foot. I set it on the rocks and do the second. My heart thumps loud as I shuck out of my leggings, untie my ceinture . I’m about to pull my tunic over my head when movement flashes in the corner of my eye.
I freeze.
I’m not alone.
Kane stands on the rocks downshore. Barefoot. Bare-chested.
He has a kerchief in his hands that drips water. There’s a stick of something in the corner of his mouth—wild mint, judging by the way he sucks it. His mouth stops when he sees me.
That ice in my chest returns. For months, I wanted to be out here in these woods with him—only him. But now . . .
He holds my gaze, his eyes unsure. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_kate.jpgAbout the Author

Kate A. Boorman is a writer from Edmonton, Alberta. She was born in Nepal and grew up on the Canadian prairies where the winters are long and the spring thaw  a highly anticipated event. She spends her free time sitting under starry skies with her friends and scheming up travel to faraway lands.


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