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Every Gift A Curse
(Updated: January 21, 2023)
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Life has taken a strange turn for Maeve after a fire destroys St. Bernadette and kills Sister Assumpta. She finds out that Sister Assumpta left her what is left of the school. Maeve's friends have changed too. Boyfriend Roe's band is on track to hit the big time. Fiona is offered a lead in a Netflix TV series. And even former enemy Aaron is no longer a serious threat after he leaves the religious cult the Children of Brigid. Maeve should be happy, but her magical powers grow in a way that is disturbing and troubling. Plus, there's another threat in Kilbeg, Ireland. Young girls are going missing in order to flame older magic. Maeve needs to draw not only on herself but others around her before she gets consumed by the darkness.

What worked: The third novel in this trilogy brings everything that Maeve and her friends have encountered with the mysterious tarot cards Maeve found in St. Bernadette's to full circle. Some of her friends now are older like her boyfriend Roe. Maeve's deadly encounters with a religious cult have now changed course. The group has a new leader who hides behind religion in order to tap into an ancient fae power. And she'll do anything, including killing innocent girls, to achieve that.

What's unique about this paranormal fantasy is how tarot cards drive the storyline. Maeve and her friends now have paranormal gifts after the destruction of their old school which killed headmistress Sister Assumpta. After the fire, Maeve's magical power starts increasing, and not in a good way. Maeve finds to her horror that one tarot card actually is taking her over. Readers find out the meanings of some of the cards, but also the magic behind them.

Good pacing and engaging dialogue. Especially loved the friendships throughout this series.

The friends all have a Derry Girls vibe going for them. They fight, argue, and love, but most are loyal especially when things get really difficult. Nonbinary Roe and Maeve's relationship is tested throughout. Maeve's change has her lashing out toward all those she loves, including Roe. They all must put aside their differences in order to give the trapped Housekeeper peace.

Derry Girls meets Charmed. A satisfying coming-of-age paranormal fantasy set in Ireland.
Good Points
1. Derry Girls meets Charmed
2. Tarot based fantasy set in Ireland
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