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Such a sweet book to share with the little monster... I mean... the child in your life!
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Every child at one point or another questions why they have to eat all of their vegetables at dinner before they can have dessert, and why they have to brush their teeth before bed. Most kids also develop a fear or two - of the dark, monsters under the bed, going to school alone... and this adorable book shares with them that they're not the only ones that go through these things everyday; and that it is okay to have these feelings, and that they should be able to share these feelings.

These little monsters are perfectly illustrated - not overly scary, but a fun kind of scary that kiddos will enjoy seeing. And these little monsters are just like them too! Even though they look scary and may growl sometimes, they have to do things that they don't like to do too in order to be better monsters! They still have to take the bus to school, eat all of their dinner, and brush their teeth before bed too.
And, just like the monsters in the book, its okay to be scared sometimes, and with a little help, the people who love them will be there to help build their confidence and ease their fears.

This fun and interactive book will help a child know that they're not alone in their little world - it will also ease a child's anxiety of the things that they fear the most. This book may also be a great way to open a line of communication with your toddler, which can be difficult when they are still learning how to find and use their words. I highly recommend this book for anytime of the day or night!
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