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Encyclopedia of Ordinary Things
(Updated: April 04, 2022)
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What worked: Fun collection behind the history of ordinary things such as shoes, toys, beds, and other common items. This encyclopedia mentions numerous products in our households with timelines on what those items were like from prehistory to the current day.

One such item is toilets. The illustrations add to the history of the first toilet to such facts as to how those in Roman times used them-they were basically public and where debates were held.

The first beds were dry leaves and grass.

The history behind dolls includes soapstone dolls of prehistory times to the popular porcelain dolls of the 18th century.

There are other fun facts behind common day items. The one thing I felt was missing was more references behind the objects. Instead, the authors speculated on numerous reasons they felt those in the past felt about such items as privies or how it might have felt to brush your teeth in the 15th century with the bristles of a Siberian boar. I also wished there had been more diversity included.

Fun facts behind ordinary things we take for granted that are sure to interest children who love to read up on the whys behind such things.
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1. Fun facts on such ordinary things like perfume, beds, toothbrushes
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