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4.8 6
Young Adult Fiction 921
Perfect Dystopian!
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Setting: Post Apocalyptic New York

A Few of the Characters:
Deuce - A young girl, recently branded as a Huntress for her underground society or "Enclave". She is eager to protect the people she has grown up trusting, until she discovers that maybe they haven't always told her the truth about the "Topside".
Fade - As a young boy Fade was found by the Enclave and was kept as a hunter because he proved to be strong. Deuce is assigned as his partner. Deuce knows nothing about Fade and is shocked to discover where he came from. He opens Deuce's eyes, and makes her feel things she has never felt before.
Freaks - Flesh eating zombie like creatures.
What made me keep turning the page?
Experiencing the way of life in this other word Deuce calls home
The "edge of your seat" action throughout the book
Seeing what happened to the real world
Watching Deuce change her thoughts about what makes a person strong or weak

Any complaints?
Dystopia/Science Fiction YA Fans
Final Thoughts…
This was an action packed book! I'm not normally into the zombie scene, but I loved this! There was just enough romance to make me happy. I really loved Deuce; she is one tough girl! I like how she realized she can express her feelings and still kick butt. I am hoping to see Fade develop more in the next book. I will be first in line to read the next of this series!
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