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Eclipse: Infatuation or True Love? A Look into Bella Swan
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Reader reviewed by sushi

Stephenie Meyer did a good job with her release of the third book of the Twilight saga, Eclipse. Personally, it was my favorite out of the entire series. Although I loved the book, there were many things that peeved me quite a bit. Throughout the entire book, she has a vampire stalking her for revenge, Victoria. Bella lives in paranoia and fear as she learns that Victoria is out to kill her&in a painful death. Everybody (as in the vampires and werewolves) step in to protect her, which I thought was a bit too much just for her. The main character Bella herself annoys me very much because she is possibly the most selfish and infuriatingly indecisive person there is in the entire book. I dont see anything at all about her to love. Edward, her vampire fiancé, and Jacob, her werewolf best friend, are both competing for her love, and also hate each other because that is how nature created them. She is stubborn from the beginning that she is absolutely and completely in love with Edward, but a little later into the book, coincidentally after Jacob makes out with her, she slowly begins to realize that shes also in love with Jacob. I think its mostly her hormones speaking. Shes only 17 for crying out loud, yet shes in love with 2 completely different guys. Bella dumps Jacob away as soon as Edward came back to her. On top of that, she cries herself to death over Jacob while Edward is around, hurting Edward in the process. I have never hated a fictional character as much as I hate Bella Swan.


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