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Kids Fiction 113
Unconditional Love and Support
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A father lion and his cub go through their day, thinking about all of the wonderful things that the little lion will accomplish. They spend their day on the savannah, think about all of the possibilities, interacting with other animals, swimming, and frolicking together. The father encourages his child to dream his biggest dreams and expresses his love for his offspring, ending with the sentiment that when the cub came along, the father's "biggest dream came true".

Good Points
The digitally created images use a very arid, sandy color palette and also include a lot of interesting foil details in leaves, the skin of the elephant, stars, and even a two page spread of the sun. The lions stand out from the background, and the expressions on their faces are adorable.

The text is simple, but the rhyme is well done, and makes the book easy to read. The message is very positive and loving, and would work equally well for a young child or for an older one graduating and needing some positive reinforcement.

If a small person in your life needs a daily dose of inspiration, this would be a short book to start the day as they rub sleep out of their eyes, along with similarly motivational titles like Dare to Dream Big: Spark Growth Mindset With This Inspirational Book For Kids by Gutierrez and and Noakes, Dream Big, My Precious One by Lord and Lakin, or classic Seuss Oh, The Places You'll Go.
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