Do you want to be a part of the YABC Team? Now’s your chance!

Do you spend most of every day reading?

Are you dying to tell others about what you’ve read?

Does the following info graphic explain your life in an eerie and uncanny way? 

Then you might be just the person we need on the YABC Team! 


We are currently looking for motivated, professional, rabid readers for the following volunteer positions:
– Editor: Middle Grade (boy and girl books)
– Editor: Children’s Books (picture books through middle grade)
– Editor: Young Adult (boy and girl books)
– YABC Blog Manager (posting giveaways, interviews, and cover reveals)
Here are the characteristics we’re looking for in a YABC Editor (staff reviewer):
A voracious reader. Someone who devours several books a month. Someone who equates reading with breathing. 
An opinionated reader. Someone who has an opinion on everything they read and wants to share that opinion with others in the reading community.
A writer. Someone who can write a clear, organized, and concise review, free of spelling and grammar errors. Someone who writes with authority and confidence, and who can self-proof their work. Perfectionists welcome! 🙂
An objective reader. Someone who can find the good in every book. At YABC, we believe every book is someone’s favorite. We do not discourage readers from any book — we strive to be helpful, like an online librarian, helping to pair the right books with the right readers. This means NO trashing a book or author. NO writing for shock value. NO defamation. If there is something you don’t like about the book, you must be able to explain why in a clear and helpful manner. 
A respectful reviewer. When representing YABC within the online community, reviewers must be considerate and kind with their words. Reviews must be family-friendly since our website is used in schools and libraries all across the world.
A relatable reader. Someone who remembers what it was like to be a teen or middle grade reader. Someone who understands what kids are looking for in their literature. It is written for them after all.
A self-starter. Someone who can read books, and write and schedule reviews in a timely manner without reminders or prompts. Reviews are time-sensitive. We post reviews the same week as the book’s release in stores. This means our reviewers must have impeccable scheduling and prioritizing skills.
A consistent reviewer. Someone who has the time to review consistently each month. Someone who finishes the entire book and reviews it, even if they didn’t care for it.
Our Editors are not required to have a personal online presence, but they must be familiar with posting content via online forms. Editors are allowed to maintain a personal book blog and cross post reviews to both sites if they link back to their YABC review. They must be familiar with basic image tweaking like cropping and resizing, and be familiar with using different online browsers. They must be able to follow directions and self-proof their work before posting live. YABC Editors must be 18 or older with a valid US mailing address. YABC compensates for reviews with FREE pre-released books (ARCs) that Editors may keep or give away. Editors can request as many books as they can feasibly review. Because ARCs are not final copies and may contain errors, they cannot be sold or included in library circulation.
Reviews do not have to be grudgingly long. If you’d like to see samples of an ideal review for YABC, regarding length and organization, click here to read two from our Editors.
Here are the characteristics we’re looking for in a YABC Blog Manager:
A blog wizard. Someone who is already familiar with posting blog articles using both HTML and Compose functions. Someone who understands how to navigate HTML for light coding purposes, and who can edit images by resizing, cropping, and justifying correctly on a page. Someone who has “an eye” for online article design. We want our blog posts to be appealing to our readers. That means each post needs consistency and style. 
A self-starter. Someone who can schedule blog posts in a timely manner without reminders or prompts, and who knows how to troubleshoot if problems arise. YABC blog posts are time-sensitive. Most of the posts will be giveaway posts, which must go live on the first of every month, and cover reveal posts, which must go live at precisely noon Eastern time on a specified date. There will also be blog tour and interview posts, which can be scheduled in advance. This means the YABC blog manager must have impeccable scheduling and prioritizing skills.
A writer. Someone who can assemble a clear, organized, and concise blog post, free of spelling and grammar errors. Someone who can self-proof their work. Perfectionists welcome! 
A dedicated team member. Someone who can commit to a few hours a month (around 5-10 or so). Someone YABC (and the readers and authors and publishers) can count on. 
Those applying for the Blog Manager position must already be familiar with running a blog. The hours for this position will range from around 5-10 a month. These hours are totally flexible, as blog posts can be scheduled in advance whenever timing is convenient. The Blog Manager position will come with a $100/year volunteer stipend plus two (2) free books a month chosen from the YABC Prize Shelf. Applicants must have a valid US mailing address. This position with YABC, one of top book review websites online, can qualify as an internship. Please state in the application below if you are seeking this position to fulfill an internship opportunity.
If any of these positions sound up your alley, let us know. Fill out the form below. We will contact you if you are chosen to be considered for the Team.

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    What a fabulous opportunity! I would love to be considered for the YABC Team!

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