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(Updated: November 07, 2013)
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** spoiler alert ** The story of a society where people choose to separate themselves into 5 different groups ; the brave, the honest, the knowledge seekers, the selfless and the amity, who i guess just want to get along..?
However people are not just honest or just selfless or just brave. Some people have more than one faction in their blood. Those people are considered dangerous rebels.

The entire society is based on understanding how people think according to their disposition to each faction and anticipating their behavior. Not only that but putting them with other like minded people so they all kinda reinforce each other's behavior.

People are discouraged from associating with other factions.

While on the fringes of this society live a group of people who failed to belong to any specific faction. they are called the factionless; they are the proletariat of this world. They live in poverty and only get the odd job that no one wants now and then.

The world this novel is set in thinks of independent thought as a crime punishable by alienation and a life without the basic necessities of existence.
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