Publisher Name
4 Horsemen Publications
Age Range
Release Date
October 26, 2020
Averie Hale is a blissfully normal girl that lives an incredibly safe world. At least if you ignore her strange ability to manipulate water, the constant ache in her chest, and the strange boy she dreamed of standing in front of her claiming she is the key to ending the magical war claiming another Realm. Normal. Totally Normal. 
Now with Silas, the warrior and bearer of bad news,
and Thane, her "brother from another mother", watching her back and guiding her steps she begins her quest to find out who and or what she is and if she can rejoin the splintered realms
Sera, her BFF, is at her side for support
And Lucas...
Follow Averie as she struggles between maintaining her normal life as she struggles to control the power attempting to swallow her whole. Will she be able to come to terms with her newfound destiny and take the Realm from the Betrayer Marcus? Or will she fall victim to an unexpected enemy?

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