David Massie and the Hidden Underworld

David Massie and the Hidden Underworld
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August 09, 2022
 Kid genius David Massie is excited for things to finally return back to normal when he gets back to middle school after saving the world and solving the mystery of the Quantum Flux. But life is far from normal in Andrew M. Nehring’s latest installment of his middle grade sci-fi series, “David Massie and the Hidden Underworld,” (Aug. 9, 2022, Books Fluent)

Sure, history class might be boring, but it gives him a chance to spend time with Rory, the girl he’s crushing on, so David doesn’t mind. Soon, he’ll be done with eighth grade and going on to high school. The only thing that’s missing is his older brother, Morgan, who vanished years ago. Otherwise, life couldn’t be better.

But history turns out to be anything but dull when CP, the Time Cop who accompanied David on his adventures through time and space, turns up outside the classroom. CP alerts David that the Time Police Depot has been decimated by a dark armored warrior, and he’s the only Time Cop left alive. Soon, David, Rory and CP are off on an interstellar journey, battling aliens, ancient gods and giants on their quest. They must travel back in time to rebuild the very reality gates they risked their lives to destroy — or watch as the universe crumbles at the hands of an evil force beyond their wildest dreams.

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What worked:
The book presents an intriguing tale of time travel. Time Police have the responsibility of monitoring events and stepping in when disruptions occur. All of them were killed in the previous book except for CP and David, and CP is now determined to exact revenge against the Dark Armored Figure. The jaunts through time are almost instantaneous, as CP, David, and his girlfriend Rory try to repair a destroyed reality gate. The author saves some surprises about an important character that will alter the future of the series.
The banter between characters is amusing. CP likes to tease David and Rory about their relationship which usually results in much blushing. The couple finds time to act like kids and to share their feelings with each other. David likes to make snide comments and call CP “Ace” when things don’t seem to work out as planned. CP usually gets the final word when his ideas actually work to save them. These interactions typically happen during action scenes when situations look dire.
The story includes a blend of elements from various supernatural genres. A spaceship SUV is able to transport the characters through time and then move invisibly around ancient Greece. Robots help with cleaning and flying the ship, although the antagonist modifies them to attack and defend. CP and David wield blasters, and David has a watch that allows him to create useful holograms. These things contrast with common Athenians found thousands of years ago, although one citizen isn’t fazed by the concept of time travel.
What didn’t work as well:
This book is very short at less than 100 pages, so it doesn’t include a great deal of description or detail. Rather than describe well-thought-out plans, the characters often resolve issues by pushing a button to capture attackers, escape a formidable situation, or create items from nothing. I prefer when characters use their wits and materials on hand to take care of their problems.
The Final Verdict:
This book has creative technology and the potential problem of an evil character gaining access to traveling anywhere in time. A longer version of the book would allow the author more time to fully develop the characters, the conflict, and the overall story. The book is still entertaining, and lovers of time travel should definitely check it out.
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