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It had been over a year since I read Wondrous Strange, so it did take a few chapters for me to settle into Darklight. I was actually surprised by how much I did remember from the first book, and whatever I didn’t, I was soon reminded of. Soon enough I was fully immersed in the magic that is Central Park and the Otherworld! Darklight begins six months later with Kelley preparing for her role as Juliet in an upcoming production. She’s also missing Sonny, who is still trapped in the Otherworld cleaning up the mess that the Wild Hunt has created. Then Kelley is attacked on her walk home through the park and ends up in the Otherworld herself.

I really liked how Darklight alternated between Kelley and Sonny’s point of view. It was great in the beginning since we got to see more of the Otherworld, even though Kelley was still in New York. Then once they’re reunited it became less necessary, but still enjoyable. Of course, they get separated again, since there’s something after each of them. Sonny is much more important character this time, and we learn something about him that changes everything for him and Kelley. Their romance is really sweet, but we don’t get too much of it, because of the circumstances.

The ending of Darklight was heartbreaking! Kelley had to make a really tough choice, but it was the only way to protect Sonny, and possibly the mortal world. The fractures in the gates are getting larger and more numerous, and new types of Fae are leaking through and wrecking havoc. I loved learning about these new creatures, even though they’re up to no good. I don’t think Darklight moved the plot forward too much; it just added some new complications that drag us further from a resolution. That’s the only reason this one gets one less star, but I’m finding that’s typical of the second book in a trilogy.
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