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Dark Kiss
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Background: Samantha is just an ordinary girl, except that she craves attention everyone once in a while, otherwise she is perfectly normal. That is until she is kissed by her long time crush Stephen, only it isn't what she expected it to be. Samantha realizes that the kiss has changed her and finds a very strange guy with bright shiny eyes on the street who tells her that she must help him. Thrown into a world of angels and demons, this ordinary girl must figure out who can be trusted.

Review: I am happy to say that I could not put this book down. First off, the cover is what pulled me in, very dark and alluring. Then I started reading and at first was very confused. Samantha is a fairly likable protagonist, but she was a little underdeveloped for my liking, thus 4.5 not 5 stars. Rowen wrote Sam's character in a way that thrusts us right into the story but doesn't really build her up until much later.

What I loved was the suspense and action. There was constantly something happening, and because the character development in the beginning was a little lacking in the beginning, this was possible. Right off we are with Sam as she has her life thrown upside down by Stephen's kiss and then immediately after that she meets Bishop and the others.

This was a very quick read because of the swift plot-line, I think it is a great alternative to many of the other angel books already written in the young-adult genre. It was a little more macabre and not as... angsty (not saying it wasn't angsty but lesser than most).
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