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In Crank raw pain, a deepening addiction, and a crumbling family come together to tell a real, powerful story. I remember when I was younger that quite a few people around me read this book though I never bothered to try. I finally the other day opened it up and was entranced by the poetic nature of Ellen Hopkin’s words.

I rushed through the book enjoying every page of it. It was interesting how poems could tell such a harrowing, intense tale. I did quite enjoy Crank and I think I’ll find time soon to read Glass and continue Kristina’s tale.

And to end, because I don’t want to give anything away in this beautiful masterpiece, two quotes I loved:

What made me despise the girl in the mirror enough to transform her, turn her into a stranger, only not.

You share a toast with me: here's to seasonal madness, to part-time relatives and substitutes for love.
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