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Remember the amazing covers of Trisha Leigh’s THE LAST YEAR series? We sure do. Who could forget how lovely they are and how perfectly they all fit together?

Today, I get to reveal the cover of Trisha’s NEW book from her second series: THE HISTORIANS. It’s another slam dunk, I can tell you that much. Ready to see it??? First, here’s a message from Trisha:


I’m thrilled to be revealing the cover for the first book in my second series, and even more excited to be working with my first love—history. The Historians mixes two things I adore—a futuristic, Firefly-type universe and the stunning moments that have shaped human history to this point. I hope you all are excited, too!

~ Trisha Leigh


Ready for the goods? Here we go! 



























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Isn’t it gorgeous?! First of all, I love the colors. Rich, and golden, and perfect. Secondly, I *love* that the story might be set in Egypt, or at least a portion of it. Third? I LOVELOVELOVE what she’s wearing, her glasses, and her wrist tattoo or mark, which all give a nod to more modern times, while juxtaposed with the ancient feel of Egypt and the tagline, “Protect the past.” There are so many little details here that I keep discovering. The best covers seem to be the ones you can keep staring at for a long time and never get bored.
About the book:

If you could learn the identity of your one true love—even
knowing you’d probably never meet—would you do it?

Years have passed since refugees from a ruined earth took to space, eventually terraforming a new system of planets. Science has not only made the leaps necessary to allow time travel, but the process engineered a strange side effect—predicting people’s one true love.

The problem? If only one soul ever has been born, or will be born, that perfectly matches yours, the chances the two will exist in the same time and place are almost zero. It’s rare enough that the predictions have been reduced to a game, a parlor trick, and no one expects a happily ever after with their Kindred.

If you had the chance to meet your one true love—even knowing
you couldn’t be together—would you go?

Sixteen-year-old Kaia Vespasian is an apprentice to the Historians—a group charged with using time travel to document the triumphs and failures of the past—and can’t resist a peek at her long-dead one true love. Before she knows it, she’s broken every rule in the book, and the consequences of getting caught could be disastrous. 

If you could save your one true love from a terrible, untimely
death, would you be able to resist?

When Oz Truman, a fellow apprentice, discovers Kaia’s secret, he shows her the predicted trajectories that could result her from altering the history of ancient Egypt. They prove that if Kaia doesn’t ensure her Kindred dies as he’s supposed to, the effect on the present will be catastrophic. 

Would you have the strength to watch them die?

But when Kaia notices Oz popping up in historical archives where he doesn’t belong, she suspects he has a secret of his own—and the conspiracy she uncovers breaks worse rules than traveling to ancient Egypt to meet a boy. 

If Kaia’s experience with her one true love has taught her anything, it’s that no alteration to history comes without consequences. The Historians trained her to observe and record the past, but Kaia never guessed she might have to protect it—especially not from the people she trusts.

About Trisha Leigh:
Raised by a family of ex-farmers and/or almost rocks stars from Southeastern Iowa, I’ve always loved to tell stories. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Film, I began to search for a way to release the voices in my head. When I attempted my first YA novel, which would become Whispers in Autumn, I was hooked. I knew then my heart lay with telling stories about and for young adults, and for anyone who loves to read and recapture those fleeting “first” moments.

The Historians gives me the chance to bring my love of all things historical to the page.

My spare time is now spent reviewing television and movies, spending time with my large, loud, loving family, reading any book that falls into my hands, and being dragged into the fresh air by my dogs Yoda and Jilly.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I am REALLY looking forward to this book! Even more now that I read that awesome blurb. The cover is gorgeous.

  2. Danielle says:

    Whoa, that’s an amazing cover. It reminds me of classic sci-fi without looking dated. I really like the time travel premise. It opens up a lot of possibilities with the love story. Definitely on my TBR.

  3. Kelly McCurdy says:

    I love the cover!!! I am so excited to read this book!!!

  4. Patricia says:

    It sounds fascinating, and the cover is simply perfect for the book. Really, I adore the pic!

  5. Cristin Bruggeman says:

    This cover is BEAUTIFUL. If I saw this in the bookstore, I would buy.

  6. I REALLY like the cover; it looks like a movie poster! And the synopsis is really intriguing. I look forward to reading this one!

  7. Brett Jonas says:

    I LOVE the cover!! 😀

  8. The cover is amazing. It reminds me of Doctor Who or something. And the synopsis? Whoa. All those questions in bold make me want to have this book in my hands, now.

  9. Raven says:

    I LOVE the cover. From everything to the pyramids in the background to the pocket watch on the bridge. There are so many different elements from the past/the future in this cover and they work SO WELL together. I wouldn’t mind having a poster with this cover on it. Also, what really sold me on the synopsis was a “Firefly-type universe”. I’m a HUGE fan of Firefly, and the story sounds like something I would love to read.

  10. Mari says:

    amazing Cover!!!really looking forward to this book!!!
    i loved the last year series and I think I will love this new series, too =D

  11. Elizabeth says:

    It is so awesome! I love it!

  12. RuthAnne says:

    I love the cover and I really want to read it — it sounds great!

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    Holy wow! Love the cover! So amazing! Trisha is definitely blessed by the cover art gods. 😀

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    The cover is AMAZING!!! The synopsis makes me suuuuper anxious to read this book!!!

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    OMG – love the cover. cant wait for the story to go with it. and i am commenting after my book buddy erin, 🙂

  16. Vivien says:

    Absolutely love the cover!! The synopsis is rather intriguing 😀

  17. Aimee says:

    This cover is gorgeous and I can’t wait to read it! It sounds like a great story, and if it’s written with the same can’t-stop-reading-this style as all of Trisha’s other books, I’m sure it will be fantastic! -Aimee

  18. Breana M. says:

    The cover is awesome, I love the color scheme, as well as the buildings and lighting in the background. The synopsis is also awesome since it was enough to grab my attention. 🙂

  19. I LOVE this cover!!! It’s gorgeous and looks like it depicts what the book is about! Whoot!

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    The cover is beautiful and the synopsis sounds refreshingly original!

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    I am DYING for this book. This cover is absolutely STUNNING!!! 🙂

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    Stunning cover! And seems to fit the story really well. Can’t wait to read this!

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    I really like it! It looks like the covers would fit together like in her Last Year Series! Which is so cool!!!

  24. bn100 says:

    Nice cover and blurb

  25. Traci says:

    The cover is stunning! I would totally check this out in a bookstore based on the cover alone. The summary sounds really unique. I want to read this!

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    I love the cover! Oh my God forbidden love!!! Yay!! I can’t wait!:)

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  33. Jaime arkin says:

    Love the cover and love Trisha Leigh!! I can’t wait to read this book!!

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    The cover is so beautiful and I love Trisha Leigh so I know I will love this one, too! Can’t wait!

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    I love the cover, makes me interested and want to read!

  36. Nithya K says:

    Me, being the cover Nerd that I am, absolutely adore this. There’s enough going away to pique the readers interest. It’s bright without being in-your-face. It stands out in a display, because I personal haven’t seen a lot of all gold colors. Thank you for sharing this with us 😀

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    This “Guest” above is me, Nithya K. It didn’t let me register 🙁

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    I really like the cover, and the plot seems very interesting and full of potential. I hope to win this giveaway so I can read it

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    Love the cover first off, and then the synopises makes me love it even more! 😀

  43. Irene Menge says:

    The cover is evocative and the synopsis makes me really want to read this book.

  44. Irene Menge says:

    The cover is evocative and the synopsis really makes me want to read this book.

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    This looks really interesting!

  46. Laura McDonald says:

    makes me really eager to read it , sounds like my kind of adventure! Fresh, engaging and not dumbed-down

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    Its a beautiful cover indeed. You can get the feel of the character on the cover already, based on her whole look. I can wait patiently for the book to come out and start traveling through this girl’s familiar, yet unfamiliar world.

  48. Holly Letson says:

    I love this cover. So nice. And, the story sounds interesting as well.

  49. Sin Motion says:

    The cover of THE HISTORIANS is really true to the synopsis in that it has a girl dressed in modern clothing, with a tattoo, and hipster glasses exiting out into a new (for her) OLD and ANCIENT world. She’s going into the past somehow, which helps to visualize the time-travel aspect of the story. As far as the synopsis itself, I’m all over it! Just think, finding out who your one true love is. It’s too much of an awesome opportunity to pass up, even if you can never be with them. For me, i’m in love with a bunch of book boyfriends already, and learning about an actual person i can’t have, but who is my true love, would be painful, yes, but equally worth the discovery. I’m excited about reading this!

  50. Danielle Schneider says:

    The cover is beautiful! I love the pocket watch.

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